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The Astrology of Encanto

The Astrology of the film Encanto 

This film is about a magical home that gives all its family members magical powers- except for one. This one unmagical member of the Madrigal family, Maribel, learns the house's magic is in danger, and that she's the only one that can save it.

Encanto is replete with themes of family, matriarchy, magical realism, and power struggles, especially the clash between what's established, but full of cracks and secrets, and what's new, but also necessary, for building a stronger foundation.

I absolutely adored the movie Encanto so much. The huge family, the storyline and of course, the music.  When I watched the film, two things struck me: one was that the film's chart must have a strong moon and two was that the square between Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius must also be prominent in the chart. 

I was incredibly fascinated with this film and was soon asking google to tell me more about it. Curiosity can take us down some interesting rabbit holes.

I spent time watching interviews with the cast and creators that worked on this film, especially Lin-Manuel Miranda, who contributed much of the music for the film. He recommended that the characters have a choreographer right from the start. Having a choreographer involved that early is typical for a musical theater performance, but not necessarily typical to Disney. 

It was a new way to do things. 

In the interviews, Lin-Manuel Miranda talked about taking a research trip to Colombia to get immersed in the culture in order to get the film just right. The group spent a lot of time studying the culture and the time period so it could reflect just right in the setting of the film.

He also mentioned the film took five years to complete, in part because of the pandemic. There were plenty of delays and obstacles and most of the film was created remotely, via zoom. The cast didn't meet live until the red carpet premiere in November 2021! 

This was also a new way to do things.

Those things stuck out to me as themes of the saturn uranus square that's been playing out for all of us recently, and I was wondering if it would be possible to pin down a time of birth for the film.

Lin-Manuel Miranda's Natal Chart

I looked at Lin-Manuel Miranda's chart, which was available on with a birth time accuracy rating of excellent.

The birth time is very important if you are looking at fast -moving parts of the chart like the moon and in Lin-Manuel's case, the midheaven.

Lin-Manuel Miranda's chart shows a moon conjunct the midheaven.

The midheaven rules over our career and legacy, making the moon a key ingredient in anything Lin-Manuel Miranda works on. 

My suspicions of Encanto's moon power were increasing.

So I did some digging for date, time and location, cast the chart, and took a peek.

And it did not disappoint.

Astrology Chart For The Movie ENCANTO

Though a lot can be said (err written) about each planet in this chart, there are two major areas that I will be highlighting- the stellium in Scorpio/ Libra and Saturn conjunct the midheaven in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus.

Before we dive into that, let's take a look at how I established the location, date and time for the hollywood premiere of the film Encanto.

(Psst, If you want to go straight to the hollywood premiere chart, you can click here.)

Location and Date

This was the easiest to sort out. Disney premieres most of its films at El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, USA. A scroll through wikipedia confirmed that this was also the birthplace of Encanto.

That same wikipedia page showed the Hollywood premiere of the film as November 3, 2021. Two other premiere dates I've included are the public theater premiere on November 23, 2021 and the disney plus premiere on December 24, 2021.


Now time was a little more work to suss out, but not much. According to this post on El Capitan Theatre's twitter account, the hollywood premiere was definitely at night.  

And the public screening premiere, held three weeks later at the same location, was at 7pm, according to this post.

Also, in the movie, all the gift ceremonies start at 7pm, according to the clock that Casita presents on both Mirabel's (minute 3:20) and Antonio's (minute 15:03) big nights.

Putting this data together, I used a 7pm birth time for the Hollywood premiere chart of Encanto.

Why am I telling you all of this?

When you read moon aspects in a chart, the time needs to be pretty accurate. The moon is the fastest moving body in astrology; Things can change quickly.

And 7pm puts the moon at 0 degrees Scorpio in this chart. That means a change of just a few minutes could make a drastically different chart, with the moon in Libra instead.

However, the 7pm time puts the moon in the middle of a stellium, or group of conjunct planets. Based on the distances between the other planets in this group, and the rate at which the moon could travel through them in a day, there could be a massive time difference and the moon would still be connected to that planetary cluster. This gives more confidence in reading the moon stellium despite possible time discrepancies.

For the midheaven, we have even less margin of error, a mere two hour range from roughly 6pm to 8pm, to keep the midheaven in the same sign as Saturn. But it's a good window; Many events start between the hours of 6-8pm, so I feel that the chances are strong that the midheaven stays, if not conjunct, then at least in the same sign as Saturn.

Now let's talk about the hollywood premiere chart.

The Astrology of Encanto Continued

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