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The Astrology of Encanto Continued

The Astrology of the Movie ENCANTO

(This is part 2 in a 3 part series. Please read the first post here.)

In this post we will highlight two areas of the natal chart for the movie Encanto, the moon stellium and the saturn square on the midheaven.

Scorpio Stellium

The first configuration of note in this chart is the stellium that spans from the last degrees of Libra into the first decan of Scorpio. 

Before we go into it, let's answer everyone's question: What the heck is a stellium?

A stellium is a group of three (some astrologers prefer four) or more planets, with less than 8 degrees between each one. Some astrologers use a range of up to 10 degrees, especially if the planets are in the same sign.

In the Encanto natal chart, the stellium includes Mercury in Libra, Moon, Mars, and the Sun, all in scorpio.

A stellium generally has a "lead" planet, usually the most personal, or fast-moving,  planet. 

Since the moon is the most intimate planet of the group, it is the leader here. This is also a night chart, since the sun set at 5:58 pm on this day, giving the moon even more power. 

The moon is definitely in charge of this stellium. 

This is evident in the way that the family in this film is run as a matriarchy. Maribel even tells us "Abuela runs the show." 

But it is also noticeable in how incredibly powerful all the emotions are in this film. The deep pull of family bonds that intricately weave themselves into every area of the many characters' lives shows how rich and wonderful moon energy can be.

The Music Moves to the Rhythm of Emotions

What I love about this film is how every moment matters. They did not miss a single chance to move the story forward while also moving us emotionally. Every frame was infused with feeling, every line of dialogue told us about the story and the character speaking the lines, at the same time. Not one second was wasted. 

And not a sound was wasted. Every beat, every lyric, every transition served a purpose, from the way composer Germaine Franco made the sounds say "yay antonio" during the gift ceremony, to the way "We don't talk about Bruno," takes us back to Pepa's wedding and pulls us forward into Maribel's prophecy at the same time.

The moon's theme of home, family and the mother also stretches to include themes of a home country and culture, of patriotism, of ancestral roots, and of generational ties. 

This is especially evident in the film crew's attention to detail in accurately depicting the Colombian setting, the people, the culture and most importantly, the vibe. Digging deep into the roots of Colombian music to procure sounds that are both authentic and original, the music from this film really captures the rhythm that seems to permeate Colombian living- the rhythm of emotions.


With this moon stellium mostly residing in Scorpio, we have themes of magical realism, magical powers, power struggles, intense emotions, death, and rebirth, all within a family and within the family home.

Even the character's powers, if you look at them, reflect this moon -ruled stellium in scorpio.

Remember the stellium includes mercury, mars, moon and the sun. You have three magical children in the first generation- one controls the weather (mercury), one heals in the kitchen (moon), one has prophecies that scare people (mars)- and abuela holds the light of the candle and rules over them all (sun).

There are also plenty of strong female characters in this family, emphasizing the strength of the moon, with the male characters playing outsider (Felix, Agustin) or sacrificial (Abuelo, Bruno-actually Bruno played both) roles. The boys Camilo and Antonio have strengths, but technically they are children, which falls under the moon's domain of Home and Family. 

And they are part of the second generation, which is a lot more blended and complex than the triplets were.

Louisa's magical strength paired with her incredible sensitivity is a perfect example of a moon mars conjunction, but so is Isabela's gift of flowers and cacti. 

Camilo's shape-shifting can be mischievous and Antonio's gift with animals also hints at how wild the gifts can be. With the powers of the second generation split in a more unruly way, Abuela struggles to control so many temperamental gifts (or non-gifts, in Maribel's case).

But as we all learn in life-

You can't control the weather, but you can remember to carry an umbrella.

In a natal chart, a stellium indicates a strong focus of that person's energy into one area or concept in their life.

This is reflected in how "-La Familia Madrigal!" is the major theme and often the greatest motivating factor in each character's life.

We hear Isabela tell Maribel:

"I was doing it for the family!"

And Maribel tell Abuela:

"He loves this family! I love this family! We all love this family! You're the one that doesn't care!"


The Hug

The theme of Maribel hugging characters that are struggling with their powers shows the importance of the moon in this story most of all.

Maribel spontaneously hugs Luisa, then she hugs Isabela, and finally, Abuela, helping them to stretch their powers and release the fears that each person had about their gift. She also helps her tio Bruno and her tia Pepa release their fears around their powers.

Saturn conjunct Midheaven in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus

Anyone or anything born in 2021 and even some of 2022 and will have this square between Saturn and Uranus in their chart. Connections between slower moving outer planets are called generational transits. This is because a whole generation of people born during a specific period will have this aspect in their chart or feel the energy in their lives. It defines an era, rather than an individual. 

But when it's connected to a personal planet or prominent point in a natal chart (like the midheaven) the themes of this aspect become more personal to that person, taking on an importance in the area of life that it is touching.

In this case, the midheaven, or medium coeli, latin for "top of the sky," is related to the legacy of the chart holder, their life's greatest work, their zenith of achievement,  so to speak. We often call this career, but it doesn't have to be about a job, although it can be. Legacy can also be about generosity, generations, impact or inspiration.  It's what the public considers as this chartholder's biggest imprint on the world.

In Lin-Manuel Miranda's natal chart, for example, the moon is on the midheaven. This makes themes of the moon- like family, cultural patriotism, history and, of course, emotions- a focus of his legacy. We can see this in how his songs tell us the character's emotions and how his writing is often an homage (look at the root word there, home) to american history, his latino roots, or an artist that inspired him,  like tick tick, boom, which is about one of his foundational muses, Jonathan Larson,  the talent behind the musical Rent.

For the movie Encanto, with Saturn on the midheaven on Aquarius, its biggest legacy is showing us the importance of honoring our elders, our roots, and the connections we have, while also encouraging us to embrace the inevitable change, and to integrate the new ways of living that shift us into the future. We could all benefit from reaching out a hand, mending misunderstandings, accept ourselves- and each other- as we are, and building a new foundation, together.

Next we briefly look at two other premiere charts for Encanto. 

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