Sunday, April 11, 2021

Aries New Moon

New moon in aries

Today we start a new cycle in the sign of Aries. The planets are all propelling towards the future and we all feel like things are on a fast track. Set yourself on a more aligned path with the magic of this fresh, forward moving energy that is invigorating us all.

If you haven't chosen a goal to work on, spend some time today getting clear on what you want to work toward as the energy builds this week, because it can lead to anger and frustrations if not properly channeled. 

Since this New Moon is also making a square towards a pivotal point of our past, its a good time to look back on December 2020 to see what goals and dreams were on your mind at that time. This upcoming period will align us with the next steps of progress for whatever we were focused on at that time.

This goal can possibly see fruition under the Full Moon in Aries during Libra season later this year. And it can see growth as soon as the next full moon later this month. The dreams, goals and events of December will show progress around and after the upcoming eclipse season in June.

                photo by @sarashakeel

Its a great idea to make little one-line notes in your planner for this purpose, so you can go back over the patterns of energy and see how they might affect you next.

Some may recommend journaling, but with so much Mars and Aries energy at this time, we are better off burning it off! Get out there, check goals off your list, spend some time moving your body, and enjoy the astrological start of the year.

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Sunday, March 28, 2021



Venus-Sun together in Aries across from the Full 🌙 in Libra at 8° brings 1-1 connections to the forefront.

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Something has been building since Venus reached her Heliacal set 6 weeks ago and especially since the New Moon in Pisces 2 weeks ago. That watery Sun-Moon connection was floating on the fins of a beautiful Venus-Jupiter conjunction. Something magical, like the song of a Siren is swelling and cresting on the shore. Is it merely an illusion or something more substantial?

Mercury closing in on a conjunction with Neptune in dreamy Pisces means murky waters need to be carefully chartered; There could be beasties lurking behind the seaweed curtain. Not all that glows is gold, beware mere bioluminescence trying to steer you off-course.

Can you keep your feet steady in the current of change or will you get swept away by it's waves?

The key is to swim sideways, towards Saturn in Aquarius. Grandfather time in the sign of the WaterBearer is trine to the Mars-North Node and sextile the Venus-Sun-Chiron crew. 

Slow steady steps as planned, is the only way forward, Saturn will lead us safely to the shore as long as we put in the work and take the time to check things twice.

Mars together with the North Node and Chiron mixed in with the Aries Sun-Venus configuration can be like the Knight of Cups waiting for us on the beach with a warm towel and a healing hot drink. Journal with a cup of tea, watch a nostalgic movie, or take your sandwich outside to soak in the healing vibes this energy has to offer. Leave the past behind so that next weekend when Mercury ingresses Aries, you are ready to step back into the bustle of spring with a splash.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Venus Trine Pluto

Venus Trine Pluto Person In a Relationship

Do you have Venus Trine Pluto in your birth chart and now you are ready to dig deeper into what that means?

Or maybe you are dating a Venus Trine Pluto person and you want to understand them and your relationship better?

That's great, because a Venus Trine Pluto person would really love that about you.

It's also great then, that you are here. You're in the right place to learn what the Venus Trine Pluto aspect means in a relationship. Whether this aspect is about you or someone you care about, read on to find out what it all means and how you can approach this energy to your highest benefit.

Natal Venus Trine Pluto Person In a Relationship

When Venus touches Pluto in the natal chart, this usually signifies a person that values having an intense, perhaps even complicated, relationship. They feel that they must deeply know their partner, that they must have an intertwined connection with their significant other.

They are all or nothing about what they value and what they love. It's either black or white, because gray is not their way.

Just the same, people are either obsessed with this person or just can't stand them. People are either magnetized or repelled by them. They have a strong presence, even if they try to creep in or lurk in a corner, people just notice this person. This person is the type of person that others just feel walking into a room.

In love, a Venus Pluto type will want complete mutual obsession. When they're with someone, the relationship status is all-consuming. The Venus Pluto person loves passionately and with intensity, and they want the same in return.

They tend to get emotionally entwined with their partner in a way that makes them feel connected on a deep, almost energetic level. This person wants to be in love all the way down to the aura. They want to know their partner's whole soul, explore their psychological nooks and crannies, and see how their most secret wheels and cogs work.

Though this person might not give up their secrets as fast as they expect to get them from others. When Pluto touches Venus in the natal chart, it creates a person that highly values privacy. The Pluto-Venus person might hesitate before sharing all of themselves until this they are sure of their partner's loyalty/fealty. Even deep into a relationship, partners may feel there is still more of this person to explore, more mysteries to unravel. And they are probably right. 

A Venus Trine Pluto person may love to keep secrets. They may even have secret loves, hidden behaviors or private obsessions. 

It reminds me of a show I watched long ago, Sex and the City (very Venus and Pluto). In one episode, the girls share the "secret single behaviors" that they wouldn't want a partner to know about. One person, Carrie, likes standing at the counter eating saltines with grape jelly while flipping through fashion magazines. For another, having two bathrooms is a must, because for her, taking a poo was her secret behavior. In this same way, the Pluto Venus person may prefer to keep certain quirks to their self. 

They may also have a tendency to harbor secret obsessions. This could range from something big like secretly loving someone for a long time but never telling anybody about it to something small like maybe secretly loving astrology or something like that. And Pluto likes to collect things, so this type might enjoy having a private collection of some sort. It could be a drawerful of lingerie, a collection of tarot cards or maybe even a secret savings account.

With two money planets, Pluto and Venus, in a harmonious trine, this person probably has a fondness for money. 

Venus and Pluto both care about money. Venus is about value and valuables and abundant resources. Pluto is about money as power, inherited wealth and deep, hidden resources. With the trine we can expect an easy flow of energy. In this aspect, Venus, the minor benefic, can apply her principles of balance to the extremes of Pluto.

This person also values passion and power and may be attracted to people in positions of power or even celebrities. They may be attracted to having a powerful partner or to power plays within the relationship. Or this person could be a power player of some sort.

With a trine aspect between Pluto and Venus, they've learned to balance along the edge of chaos without jumping into the abyss, but this person still craves depth and transformation from a partnership.

In some cases, these types might even crave chaotic, dramatic or possibly abusive situations. This is not usually the case with the easy flowing trine aspect, but the ease of flow could also bring too much passion or too much drama into the partnership.

A great way for this person to find more peace and balance in their relationships is by directing the more passionate and dramatic energy of this aspect into some sort of artistic pursuit. 

The Venus Pluto type may in fact be a passionate artist of some sort since Venus is related to the arts, beauty, and other harmonious things. They may have a passion for fashion, a flair for decorating their home or maybe a love baking bread. Sometimes it's an art that may not seem so artsy at first glance. Perhaps they are painstakingly rebuilding a classic race car, or this person loves turning all of their scraps into compost.

Channeling their passion into passion projects like these is a healthier way of utilizing this powerful, beautiful energy. If this person has a little too much drama sprinkled into their relationships, they might benefit from redirecting this energy in a constructive way. 

Even if this person are not an artist, they may still be extreme about how they value the arts. If this person loves to read, for example, they might buy all the books of a new favorite author and read them all in an intense binge. Or this person might buy all of their favorite musician's albums and splurge for killer seats at their concert.

This person, more than most, admires the plight of the butterfly. The process of cocooning then remerging is one that this person is very familiar with. Transformation pumps their passion, rebirth gives them a sense of renewal. 

These types might love fresh starts like New Year's Eve, or Back-to-school.  Or they may feel re energized after leaving the salon with a new look, or pulling out seasonal clothes when the weather changes or maybe getting a new tattoo.

If you are someone with a Venus Pluto Trine, An artistic pursuit can help you channel this energy in the most positive way. This will use up some of the intense energy of this aspect and leave you with more balance and less drama in your relationships.

If you are in a relationship with a Venus Pluto Trine person, LEEP into love by:

-Letting them keep their secrets and maybe let them in on one of yours. They will cherish it. 

-Encouraging their artistic passions and give them room to be obsessed with their art. 

-Embracing their need for transformation. Be okay with the rotating hair color or that latest tattoo. 

-Pursuing personal growth as a couple, embracing change and transformation; Be Butterflies together.

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Friday, October 9, 2020

The Secret to Understanding your Natal Chart in Astrology

 The Secret to Understanding your Natal Chart in Astrology

Astrology is hitting the mainstream and more folks are tuning in to its energies and rightfully so.

Astrology can help you discover deep insights about yourself and set you on your authentic life path. It can confirm that you are taking the right steps or if you are not, it can show you where in life you need to pivot. Astrology can help you plan your week and structure your goals for maximum person success. It can help you understand what truly makes you happy, what makes you tick, what makes you, you.

But you can't just look at your Sun Sign- although this is a fantastic place to start. If you really want to benefit from astrology, you need to look at your birth chart to see what's at play.

But once you do open that chart and see all those lines and symbols, it can feel so overwhelming. What does it all mean? Which parts matter and which parts are minor?

There is a secret to help you start sorting it all out.

Simplified Approach To Reading An Astrological Chart

This approach will simplify your chart to focus on what's most important. It is so much easier to read your natal chart like this. This helps you get familiar with the whole picture before you break it down into details.

First, you have to make sure you are looking at what really matters.

Many free chart generators include minor aspects, planets, points or asteroids that can clutter the chart and make it feel impossible to read. I recommend using because you can customize it. Follow these steps to simplify your astro-chart and do a quick whole-chart analysis.

Simplify Your Natal Chart in 4 Easy Steps

First, go to and Creatour Birth Chart by entering your birth details into the form. If you do not know your birth time, you can use noon.

Once your chart appears, go to the settings button. On a mobile this will be directly under the circle chart, on a desktop it will appear to the right of the chart. 

Under settings, scroll down to the Planets and Asteroids tab and open it. If you know your exact time of birth, then you will only uncheck Chiron and North Node. If you don't know your exact time of birth, then you will uncheck Chiron, North Node, Ascendant and MC.

Next, open the Aspects tab that is beneath it. Uncheck all the aspects listed after Sextile. To be clear, uncheck Quintile, Octile, Septile, Novile, Semi-sextile, Quincux, and Sesquiquadrate. This should leave you with only the five major aspects- Conjunction, Opposition, Square, Trine and Sextile can stay.

Finally, you will go to the Orbs tabs. Type a 6 into the boxes for Conjunction, Square and Opposition.

Hit the Apply Settings Button at the very bottom.

The chart should appear much clearer now. The aspects that remain are the most relevant ones. 

Now before you start trying to understand what each of those lines even means, do a quick and easy whole chart analysis.

Fast and Easy Whole-chart Analysis 

Looking at the whole chart before you dive into individual aspect analysis can give you incredible insights in a very short time.

Is the chart lopsided with planets clumped together or are they evenly spaced? Is the chart heavy with aspects or clean and direct? Are there any shapes formed by the lines of the aspects as they cross the circle? Triangles are very common, but there could also be a square, a seesaw, a basket, a kite and more.

The shapes and spacing of the planets tell us which planets or signs in the chart are most important. If a planet has a lot of lines, is part of a lot of shapes or even part of one big shape, it can indicate that this planet matters and its energies strongly affect you. For example, let's say your Sun is in Libra but it has very little action in the chart. Meanwhile, next door in Virgo, you have a clump of three planets with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. Those Virgo planets are going to be a focal point of your life and a place where you put a lot of your energy. This also means that the typical Libra description might have less influence on you, and you may display strong Virgo qualities instead.

Once you look at your whole chart, the next thing you want to do is scroll down to see the special features of the chart, if there are any. Things listed here can be a great place to start diving into the meanings of your chart.

Next, you want to figure out what mode(s) and what element(s) are dominant in your chart. Sometimes this is mentioned in the special features, but you can figure this out by plugging your planets and their signs into this chart and adding up the columns. 

The mode let's you know how you handle change. Mutables are always changing, Cardinals are first to make the change, and Fixed folks don't like to change. A mostly mutable person might have trouble with changing to much and not being very grounded. A Cardinal person will take charge but can also be selfish. A Fixed person is steady, usually reliable or loyal, but they can be stubborn, too.

The element describes your overall temperament. There are four elements- Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Like fixed energy, Earth energy is stable, reliable, grounded. A person with a lot of Earth energy will like working and having security. They don't mind the toil as much and are often willing to roll up their sleeves. An Air person is more preoccupied with communicated and sharing ideas. This person may enjoy learning, skill-building and reading. The Fire person is usually full of action, the doers, movers and makers of the zodiac. This person is passionate, and often fueled by a creative drive. They want to make something of themselves and of the world! Water people are more sensitive and in tune with their emotions. These are most likely empathetic, caring people, that have a great listening ear and want to make a difference in the world. 

Most of us have a mix of these qualities, and you may find that you have two dominant modes or three elements that share planets equally. In this case, it may be helpful to take note of what is lacking from your chart.  Let's use the same example of Sun in Libra, and three planets in Virgo. With all that earthy, Virgo action, this person could search out friends or a partner that has dominant Water energy. This will help fill the elemental hole this person feels and give them a sense of balance or completeness in their life. 

With your simplified chart and your whole chart analysis complete, you now have an overall feel of what type of personality you have and what areas of your chart- and your life- might be most important to you. Now you are ready to start digging into the more complex part of astrology- aspects. 

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Plants That Are Ruled By Venus: Roselle

Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is also called Florida cranberry or Jamaica sorrel. Indeed, it is prized in Jamaica as a tasty, festive drink that is traditionally brewed around Christmas. But it is popular in many countries- for an upscale jam in Australia, as a fresh summer treat in northern Europe, as a sour green in African curries, as a Mexican agua fresca and so much more. Many parts of the plant, including the seeds, leaves, fruits, and roots, are used either medicinally or in foods.

Medicinally, it is most often used as a diuretic, to reduce hypertension, to treat scurvy, to ease cough, to treat anemia and to balance liver disorders, but there are many more ways it has been used as plant medicine.

As food, the leaves can be used as a cooked green, or added sparingly to salads for a fresh zing. It is a popular accompaniment to fish dishes in various parts of Asia. The seeds are high in protein and can be roasted, used as a coffee substitute or fed to chickens. But the calyx is the part of the plant that everyone is after. This fleshy, bright red cup-like structure contains the plant's seeds. The color and tart taste of the calyces makes them a good replacement for cranberries or rhubarb and useful in pies, sauces, cordials, punches, jams and even wine. I made a Sweet Roselle Syrup with just, sugar, water and fresh calyces. Roselle is high in pectin, so no additional ingredients were necessary (other than time and patience) to achieve a nice, thick consistency. I layered a chocolate cake with this syrup and it was a family hit! I think it would also be interesting on pancakes or as a tangy component in a wing sauce.
The calyces can also be used to make a delicious drink, a tea that is high in Vitamin C, and renowned in countries world wide. I'm not surprised its named after the Rose even though it produces a modest hibiscus flower, because the Rose is the most well-known flower in the world. Roselle is similarly popular, but on a lesser scale. This plant is an annual that can't handle temps below 40F. It grows in the tropics, suited best to zones 9-10, and produces fruit after about 4 months, usually in and around October. Use tender leaves and shoots for cooking throughout the growing season. Harvest calyces when they are plump and shiny. Often the tips of the calyx will scrunch together in what I've dubbed "the kissy face" when they are ripe. Be sure to separate them from the seeds before using them in recipes. The calyces can be stored frozen or dried or processed into the many delicious treats mentioned above. Astrologically, I would classify it as Venusian- ruled by Venus. The nickname, Roselle, that connects Hibiscus sabdariffa to Venus' flower, the Rose, gives us our first clue. The plant bears fruit in October- Libra season- which is also ruled by Venus. The "kissy face" the fruit makes when its ripe, is also very Venusian to me. However, its medicinal properties, are where we can see such a relationship. Hibiscus sabdariffa is often used as a diuretic, which helps the kidneys (ruled by Venus and Libra) release more urine. It has an emollient effect that can remoisten dry skin, or soothe a cough in the throat (ruled by Taurus and Venus). It also has a reputation as an aphrodisiac, which all aphrodisiacs are ruled by Venus. It also used in cases of diabetes, which is a Venusian disease. Roselle also restores the blood in anemic patients, and thins the blood in cases of hypertension. The blood is ruled by Mars and Aries, the complementary opposites of Venus and Libra. Fevers, also ruled by Mars, are often treated with Roselle, too.

Most plants/planets have this complementary opposition of uses and characteristics. There are also Mars-ruled plants that treat Venus-affiliated issues. Nettles for example, is a Mars-ruled plant that puts out its blood-nourishing leaves in early spring, during Aries season. But it puts out its seeds during Libra season, and these seeds can be used to treat kidney conditions.
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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

10 Tips to Use Mercury Retrograde to Your Advantage

A mercury retrograde transit often gets blamed for things like computer crashes, miscommunications, showing up late and missed appointments. Once during a retrograde, I had to make 15 phone calls to change one thing on my insurance. I used to dread Mercury Retrograde!

But Mercury is a fleet-footed planet that goes retrograde three times a year, usually for about three weeks each time. That's a lot of time to spend trying to hide under a rock.

What if instead of being afraid, there was something we could do about it? Could we balance or even take advantage of this energy?

As it turns out, yes! (Thank goodness.)

Vedic astrologers typically offer remedies and rituals that can balance an afflicted planet or enhance the power of a positive planet. They also offer their clients suggestions for weathering through upcoming transits, including Mercury Retrograde.

Whether its a natal mercury retrograde or a transit that's tripping you up, there is merit to this concept of fine-tuning planetary energy. I do this all the time in my day-to-day life and have found good results regularly. The idea is two-fold. First, you want to avoid certain activities that might aggravate the Mercury Retrograde energy. Second, you want to use the energy for something positive before it has a chance to cause random (and possibly negative) effects in your life.

Modern RX for Mercury Retrograde Natal or Transit

1. Abstain from drinking alcohol. This one is recommended for most planet problems, actually. Alcohol tends to brings out the malefic or shadow side of the planets, even a neutral one like Mercury, so avoid it during any iffy transits or if you are trying to improve a hard aspect in your natal chart.

2. Drink lots of water during a Mercury Retrograde or all the time if you have Mercury Retrograde in your natal chart. Memory and other cognitive functions are diminished when we are dehydrated, making us more likely to miscommunicate, make mistakes, or forget something.

3. Drink green tea, too. It is full of beneficial polyphenols. The mind needs lots of these antioxidants to reduce inflammation, and our memory also gets a boost from mild to moderate caffeine intake. Just mind the sugar, since it basically cancels out the positive effects.

4. Red meat, like alcohol, is another common planetary agitator, so skip the steak for now. Instead, focus on brain food like fish, nuts and seeds, leafy greens, and blueberries during the Mercury Retrograde season.

5. Take a bath with epsom salts and essential oils or brew a bath tea from plants related to Mercury, like eucalyptus and mint. Epsom salts have magnesium, which helps us relay nerve signals from the brain to the body and aids in brain development, memory and learning.

6. The hands and arms are under Mercury's domain. Do daily hand and wrist stretches and don't skip arm day at the gym.

7. Mercury rules communication, so you might like to refresh yourself on a language you already know, during a retrograde.

8. Mercury also rules words and writing, so you could do a crossword puzzle every day to keep your mind sharp. 

9. Journaling is another great way to channel this energy. You could take some time to journal about your past and reflect on how far you've come. Since Mercury also rules business, you could take your journaling up a notch by keeping a business journal.

10. Mercury also rules the local community, education and siblings. You could donate to local education or become a Big Brother/Big Sister. Speaking of brothers and sisters, you could also call or text yours, if you have one. If not, get in contact with cousins, teammates, classmates, or any mates really. 

I hope this inspires you to take advantage of Mercury Retrograde and use the energy to create positive effects in your life. Mercury Retrograde doesn't have to be scary or stressful, you just have to be prepared and intentional. Treat this list like Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Astrology. Pick a few things and make a fun ritual out of them. Maybe you do wrist stretches every night, avoid steak and wine dinners and take on arm workout challenge with your sister. Whatever you decide, don't be afraid to do something with this energy whenever it comes around. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Tracking the Moon to Understand your Whole Natal Chart and Make Positive Life Changes with Astrology

Using the Moon in Astrology for Planning and Goal-setting

Astrology is a great practice for learning about our inner selves, making plans, reaching goals and bettering our lives. I've always been a fan of practical knowledge that I can use in tangible ways. This approach to Astrology is fun and useful, especially if you love goal-setting and making plans for achievement.

One of my favorite tools for using astrology to make positive changes to your life is tracking the moon. The moon moves through the twelve signs in about 28 days, so in four weeks you can have an idea of how to start using this for maximum effect. As the moon moves around the zodiac, it highlights your chart, passing over each planet and its aspects, good and bad. Over time, you can see patterns in your moods, your energy levels, when things go right for you and when they don't.

An astrology planner, like the  magic_of_i planner I show here, is a great tool for tracking and analyzing these patterns, because it already has a lot of the transits, including the movements of the moon, plugged into each day. All you have to do is write your mood and any major events that happen each day. Then you can go back after each week or each month to see how your moods, energy levels, and luck fluctuated as the moon passes through different signs. Let's say you have a Capricorn Moon in your natal chart. Maybe you notice that you feel happy and in the flow when the moon is in Taurus and when its in Virgo, because it is making a nice trine to your moon.

Another great astrology planner is this one. It has the moon movements and Void-of-course listed in the calender portion, then it has the aspects and planetary degrees in an ephemeris in the back. Both have their benefits and their drawbacks, but both are great options. But you don't have to use an astrology planner.  A yearly planner or even a plain notebook would work just fine. A moon map is another great option. It doesn't matter what you use to gather the information, as long as you track it long enough to see your patterns. At the end of each moon cycle, you go back over the month to see how the moon affected you as it touched the different planets in your chart.

You may notice things like:

"I tend to be more hot-headed when it goes over my Mars."

"I get depressed on the days that the moon passes over my moon."

"I get bloated after the moon passes over Jupiter."

These are just examples of what you might learn by tracking your patterns with the movements of the moon. It will be unique for each person, but once you see your trouble spots, you can develop ways to address them, pacify them and use them to your advantage instead.

That might look something like this:

"I tend to be more hot-headed when it goes over my Mars."

-Make sure to exercise on those days instead of blowing up on people.

"I get depressed on the days that the moon passes over my moon."

-Set a friend date and practice self-care during  those days to keep mood up.

"I get bloated after the moon passes over Jupiter."

-Abstain from sweets and alcohol on these 2-3 days of the month, and use that time to study some higher knowledge or do a spiritual ritual instead.

Likewise, you can look at where you have your best days, and utilize them to get ahead in those areas of your life. Maybe you notice that you are super energetic in the middle of the moon's cycle, so you do a big house cleaning at that time. Or maybe you notice that you feel like having fun near the end of the moon's cycle, so you plan outings with your kids or dates with your partner around that time. 

By tracking the movements of the moon, we can make decisions with intention, and use all of our energies wisely. We can make positive changes, reach goals, and live a happier experience. 

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