Sunday, March 28, 2021



Venus-Sun together in Aries across from the Full 🌙 in Libra at 8° brings 1-1 connections to the forefront.

📷 @sarahshakeel

Something has been building since Venus reached her Heliacal set 6 weeks ago and especially since the New Moon in Pisces 2 weeks ago. That watery Sun-Moon connection was floating on the fins of a beautiful Venus-Jupiter conjunction. Something magical, like the song of a Siren is swelling and cresting on the shore. Is it merely an illusion or something more substantial?

Mercury closing in on a conjunction with Neptune in dreamy Pisces means murky waters need to be carefully chartered; There could be beasties lurking behind the seaweed curtain. Not all that glows is gold, beware mere bioluminescence trying to steer you off-course.

Can you keep your feet steady in the current of change or will you get swept away by it's waves?

The key is to swim sideways, towards Saturn in Aquarius. Grandfather time in the sign of the WaterBearer is trine to the Mars-North Node and sextile the Venus-Sun-Chiron crew. 

Slow steady steps as planned, is the only way forward, Saturn will lead us safely to the shore as long as we put in the work and take the time to check things twice.

Mars together with the North Node and Chiron mixed in with the Aries Sun-Venus configuration can be like the Knight of Cups waiting for us on the beach with a warm towel and a healing hot drink. Journal with a cup of tea, watch a nostalgic movie, or take your sandwich outside to soak in the healing vibes this energy has to offer. Leave the past behind so that next weekend when Mercury ingresses Aries, you are ready to step back into the bustle of spring with a splash.

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