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Venus Trine Pluto

Venus Trine Pluto Person In a Relationship

Do you have Venus Trine Pluto in your birth chart and now you are ready to dig deeper into what that means?

Or maybe you are dating a Venus Trine Pluto person and you want to understand them and your relationship better?

That's great, because a Venus Trine Pluto person would really love that about you.

It's also great then, that you are here. You're in the right place to learn what the Venus Trine Pluto aspect means in a relationship. Whether this aspect is about you or someone you care about, read on to find out what it all means and how you can approach this energy to your highest benefit.

Natal Venus Trine Pluto Person In a Relationship

When Venus touches Pluto in the natal chart, this usually signifies a person that values having an intense, perhaps even complicated, relationship. They feel that they must deeply know their partner, that they must have an intertwined connection with their significant other.

They are all or nothing about what they value and what they love. It's either black or white, because gray is not their way.

Just the same, people are either obsessed with this person or just can't stand them. People are either magnetized or repelled by them. They have a strong presence, even if they try to creep in or lurk in a corner, people just notice this person. This person is the type of person that others just feel walking into a room.

In love, a Venus Pluto type will want complete mutual obsession. When they're with someone, the relationship status is all-consuming. The Venus Pluto person loves passionately and with intensity, and they want the same in return.

They tend to get emotionally entwined with their partner in a way that makes them feel connected on a deep, almost energetic level. This person wants to be in love all the way down to the aura. They want to know their partner's whole soul, explore their psychological nooks and crannies, and see how their most secret wheels and cogs work.

Though this person might not give up their secrets as fast as they expect to get them from others. When Pluto touches Venus in the natal chart, it creates a person that highly values privacy. The Pluto-Venus person might hesitate before sharing all of themselves until this they are sure of their partner's loyalty/fealty. Even deep into a relationship, partners may feel there is still more of this person to explore, more mysteries to unravel. And they are probably right. 

A Venus Trine Pluto person may love to keep secrets. They may even have secret loves, hidden behaviors or private obsessions. 

It reminds me of a show I watched long ago, Sex and the City (very Venus and Pluto). In one episode, the girls share the "secret single behaviors" that they wouldn't want a partner to know about. One person, Carrie, likes standing at the counter eating saltines with grape jelly while flipping through fashion magazines. For another, having two bathrooms is a must, because for her, taking a poo was her secret behavior. In this same way, the Pluto Venus person may prefer to keep certain quirks to their self. 

They may also have a tendency to harbor secret obsessions. This could range from something big like secretly loving someone for a long time but never telling anybody about it to something small like maybe secretly loving astrology or something like that. And Pluto likes to collect things, so this type might enjoy having a private collection of some sort. It could be a drawerful of lingerie, a collection of tarot cards or maybe even a secret savings account.

With two money planets, Pluto and Venus, in a harmonious trine, this person probably has a fondness for money. 

Venus and Pluto both care about money. Venus is about value and valuables and abundant resources. Pluto is about money as power, inherited wealth and deep, hidden resources. With the trine we can expect an easy flow of energy. In this aspect, Venus, the minor benefic, can apply her principles of balance to the extremes of Pluto.

This person also values passion and power and may be attracted to people in positions of power or even celebrities. They may be attracted to having a powerful partner or to power plays within the relationship. Or this person could be a power player of some sort.

With a trine aspect between Pluto and Venus, they've learned to balance along the edge of chaos without jumping into the abyss, but this person still craves depth and transformation from a partnership.

In some cases, these types might even crave chaotic, dramatic or possibly abusive situations. This is not usually the case with the easy flowing trine aspect, but the ease of flow could also bring too much passion or too much drama into the partnership.

A great way for this person to find more peace and balance in their relationships is by directing the more passionate and dramatic energy of this aspect into some sort of artistic pursuit. 

The Venus Pluto type may in fact be a passionate artist of some sort since Venus is related to the arts, beauty, and other harmonious things. They may have a passion for fashion, a flair for decorating their home or maybe a love baking bread. Sometimes it's an art that may not seem so artsy at first glance. Perhaps they are painstakingly rebuilding a classic race car, or this person loves turning all of their scraps into compost.

Channeling their passion into passion projects like these is a healthier way of utilizing this powerful, beautiful energy. If this person has a little too much drama sprinkled into their relationships, they might benefit from redirecting this energy in a constructive way. 

Even if this person are not an artist, they may still be extreme about how they value the arts. If this person loves to read, for example, they might buy all the books of a new favorite author and read them all in an intense binge. Or this person might buy all of their favorite musician's albums and splurge for killer seats at their concert.

This person, more than most, admires the plight of the butterfly. The process of cocooning then remerging is one that this person is very familiar with. Transformation pumps their passion, rebirth gives them a sense of renewal. 

These types might love fresh starts like New Year's Eve, or Back-to-school.  Or they may feel re energized after leaving the salon with a new look, or pulling out seasonal clothes when the weather changes or maybe getting a new tattoo.

If you are someone with a Venus Pluto Trine, An artistic pursuit can help you channel this energy in the most positive way. This will use up some of the intense energy of this aspect and leave you with more balance and less drama in your relationships.

If you are in a relationship with a Venus Pluto Trine person, LEEP into love by:

-Letting them keep their secrets and maybe let them in on one of yours. They will cherish it. 

-Encouraging their artistic passions and give them room to be obsessed with their art. 

-Embracing their need for transformation. Be okay with the rotating hair color or that latest tattoo. 

-Pursuing personal growth as a couple, embracing change and transformation; Be Butterflies together.

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