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The Astrology of Encanto Final

(This is part of a series. Read the first one here and the second one here.)

The Astrology of the Movie Encanto

Aside from the hollywood premiere chart, I also looked at the charts of Encanto's various release dates, including the public premiere, and the disney plus premiere.

The Hollywood premiere is the film equivalent of when the baby was born at the hospital. The public premiere is when that baby is presented, think of Simba, up on that rock.

Encanto Public Premiere

For the USA public premiere chart, we see the ascendant is in cancer with the moon in the first house. This film wears its heart on its sleeve and that gives a great first impression to the public.

The moon is strong in its home sign of Cancer. It is part of a grand trine with neptune on the midheaven and what's left of that scorpio stellium that was present in the hollywood premiere chart- mars and mercury lingering at the end of scorpio with the sun hovering nearby in the early degrees of sagittarius. This configuration gives this movie a far-reaching popularity, ensuring that we all bring the charm of Encanto home with us.

This is evident by how sticky the songs are. My kids and I have been quoting lyrics at each other since the first time we watched this movie and I know the rest of the world is feeling the same way, judging by how the film's album climbed to the top of the billboard charts recently.

We can't get the songs out of our heads and that ensures the film goes straight to our hearts, until we all feel like we are part of La Familia Madrigal.

The fate of this film becoming like family is sealed by its "homecoming" release to Disney plus on Christmas Eve at midnight Pacific time.

Encanto Disney + Premiere

This time we have another stellium, but its in capricorn, with most of the planets in this cluster sitting in the 4th house of home, family and roots. That's right, the themes of the 4th house overlap with the themes of the moon and themes of the zodiac sign cancer.

Encanto comes home. 

The moon is not part of this stellium. Instead, she sits near the top of the chart, in the 11th house, the house of the masses. From this throne on the 29th degree of Leo, she shines in a beautiful trine with the sun. The zodiac sign Leo and the sun both rule children and delightful pastimes-

Encanto is sure to become a favorite for every child- and inner child- that watches it.

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