Saturday, April 2, 2022

Mars Conjunct Saturn

On Monday, Mars will join Saturn to exact degree. This conjunction between Saturn and Mars, the two malefics, happens roughly every two years. 

Since this conjunction is between the two more difficult planets, it is often met with lots of fears. But there are some useful qualities of having these two energies come together.

This Mars Saturn conjunction is an ideal time to put together an action (Mars) plan (Saturn). 

Especially right now.

We just wrapped up Q1 last week, so this is a great time look back on the first three months of the year and take stock. 

Here are some great journaling questions:

-Where did you really shine and where did you struggle?

-What curveballs or surprises did Mercury retrograde back in January or the Mars Venus Pluto tryst in mid February bring you? How did you pivot or falter here?

-How realistic were the goals you set for quarter one? Did you accomplish at least 80% or do you need to scale back the girth if your goals for Q2?

-List 1-3 wins from this Quarter:

Once you take stock of Q1, take some time reflect and celebrate. Celebrating your success before moving on to the next thing, in this case Q2, is a key concept that many forget, I know I do. 

But celebrating your successes and rewarding yourself for your wins, are integral to the process. Stopping to appreciate how far you've come gives you an "ending," a feeling of respite, that gives you like a psychological resting point before the next round.

So give yourself a reward this weekend! 

Last week, I finished a very special project for readers just like you, (that I have been working on for two years, since the last mars/ Saturn conjunction). It was an amazing feeling to finish a two year project and a quarter at the same time! 

I will be sharing more about it soon, but for now I'm taking my own advice and giving myself a much deserved break- on Friday, I binged on the first three episodes of Julia on HBO. 

It was really good, and I even listened to a couple episodes of the accompanying podcast. Anyone else watching it?

Once you get celebration on, it's time to look forward into Q2.

The energy on Monday is great for rolling up your sleeves and making a plan for the next three months or even the next two years, depending on what you are trying to accomplish in your life right now.

You have probably already been working towards something, because the energy from this aspect has been building since Mars entered Aquarius on March 5/6, depending on your time zone. 

Look at where this energy falls in your chart to get clues about what sort of plan you might benefit from right now. Below I have a few suggestions for each rising sign. Remember these are general and the unique placements of cusps, planets or aspects in your chart may affect this energy differently.

Aries Rising

You might benefit from developing a plan for building your audience, for becoming a social activist, for starting a club or group or for sharing a legacy project with the world.

Taurus Rising

You might benefit from developing a plan for creating a big legacy project, making a career move, or expanding in your purpose.

Gemini Rising

You might make a short term plan for studying a new topic or sharing your expertise or you might be planning a big trip somewhere within the next two years.

Cancer Rising

You might benefit from making a budget for joint finances, squaring away your taxes with an accountant, or preparing a mental health action plan with your therapist.

Leo Rising

You might benefit from sitting down with a business partner to create a Q2 plan together, or laying out steps for a passion project with a romantic partner.

Virgo Rising 

You could look over your day-to-day routines to see where they can be cut back for for efficiency, evaluate your employees' performances, or make a plan to improve your cleaning or health regimen.

Libra Rising

You could benefit from formulating an outline for a creative project, creating an inspiration board for your baby's nursery, or making an online dating profile.

Scorpio Rising

You could benefit from planning a home renovation, preparing yourself for buying or moving to a new home, or setting a family reunion in motion.

Sagittarius Rising

You could benefit from creating a social media plan, outlining a writing or speaking project or making arrangements for a short trip.⁸

Capricorn Rising 

You could benefit from making that Q2 budget plan, setting your Q2 goals and creating a two year plan for increasing your finances.

Aquarius Rising

You could benefit from taking stock of your whole life and cutting away whatever is getting in the way. This could especially relate to your physical body, but there could also be changes across all are azad of life. With Saturn in your house since last year, it's been a time of testing for you, and this conjunction is part of a larger, slower story that is unfolding for you. 

Pisces Rising

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