Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Venus in Aquarius 2022

Well into the calendar year, but on the cusp of a new astrological year, early March is a time to look back in order to move forward. Especially this year, with Venus finally leaving an extended retrograde season in Capricorn, it's time for a reevaluation.

The line between Capricorn and Aquarius is one of structure and restructuring, of rules, and questioning those rules, of line of stability and the potential genius that lies just beyond its comforting border.

But chaos also lives beyond that line. Its eccentricity is the causal factor of that genius, of that exponential potential, yes, but also births other, not such pleasant things.

As we move into the waning year of the Saturn Uranus square, we must decide how much we value freedom versus structure, what we are willing to risk for potential, and how much we are willing to work to try to keep both.

With all planets direct now, forward momentum is necessary, but might feel cumbersome or heated with Mars and Saturn energy weighing on the planet of beauty, peace and grace.

Slow and steady steps take you there.

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