Wednesday, March 2, 2022

New Moon in Pisces

This past week, we started a little indoor winter garden, turning baskets from the trash heap and a bit of left over screen mesh to make containers for some indoor carrots, lettuce, cilantro and bell pepper. We already have sprouts! Proud plant parents 🤩🌱🌱

While we are on the subject of planting hopeful seeds, let's talk about this week's new moon in Pisces 🐠 because this is

Big. Hope. Energy.

This is probably one of the best energies of the year to sow seeds that will grow into big fields of fluffy dreams, the kind you run through barefoot in a summer dress, arms outstretched, head thrown back, heart reaching to the sky. 💞

On wednesday at 12:35 pm est, the moon will meet with the sun at 12 degrees Pisces. This new moon is basically hugging Jupiter at 14 degrees Pisces and in an optimistic and opportunistic sextile with Uranus in Taurus.

Meanwhile, Venus and Mars, the celestial lovers, are entwined in a tryst with Pluto, the God of the underworld, in Capricorn. In capricorn, this energy certainly has an intense affect on world affairs, but in our personal lives, we can channel this energy constructively. Marry intense (pluto) passionate action (mars) with your true desires (venus) to achieve acclaim (capricorn). Do not succumb to the pressure of intensity, remember that those darkest moments are actually when our seeds are buried in the compost. It looks like the end, but green is about to burst forth from beneath the surface.

We just need to handle this high-heat energy with intention and mental focus. 🧠

A conjunction between Saturn and mercury in the airy sign of aquarius, while a sobering energy, gives us the mental preservence that we need right now. The ethereal energy happening in Pisces can sweep us away into a daydream, but Saturn and Mercury will help us remember to water our precious seeds, so they sprout and grow up strong.

Take most advantage of this energy by getting super clear on your biggest dream. If you don't have one, ask yourself "what would bring me joy in these turbulent times?" Create a plan (saturn) with systems- small daily steps (mercury) that will give your seeds the light, water and nutrients that they need.

It's time to grow seeds in winter.

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