Thursday, February 17, 2022

Venus Semi-Sextile Saturn

Venus Semi-Sextile Saturn

All the planets are direct now through the end of April. It's a go go go vibe in the collective- we feel like horses finally released from the stalls. We *really* need to feel the wind through our manes right about now!

But it's important to remember to watch our footing, the roads are precarious, filled with hurdles and potholes as we maneuver through the post retrograde seasons of Venus and Mercury for a bit longer still.

Today, Venus is in a semi-sextile with Saturn.

Slow and steady wins in the long run of life under this energy.  With Saturn, the planets of routines, in a conversation with Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure, we are asked to embrace the baby steps and find pleasure in the daily rituals that slowly but surely move us forward towards our goal.

Saturn rules dry things and Venus rules beautiful flowers, so here is an incredible passionflower bloom that I pressed.

The process of pressing this flower is relatively simple- carefully press between the pages of a heavy book, put the heavy book under a stack of more heavy books, and wait.

It's a lot of pressure and a lot of patience. But if we are willing to do what it takes, we'll get something that we can treasure for a long time.

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