Tuesday, February 15, 2022

North Node In Taurus

Transit North Node in Taurus

The north node is in Taurus, expanding themes of security, resources,  values and valuables, but also beauty, art and music, in the collective and in our personal lives.

Meanwhile, the south node in Scorpio will be asking us to purge, to heal, to compost, that which has served its purpose in our lives. We are asked to prune back the bare, dead brambles of the collective and trauma that has no doubt affected us in all in recent times.

We are asked to look at what parts of our life need to be laid to rest, so that new growth can bud, supported and nourished by what has been healed.

Over the next year or so there will be things that bubble up to the surface- hurts that need to be healed, taboos that need to be destigmatized, power struggles that have to stop, family secrets that need to be aired.

Allow space for this process. Ultimately, this time will serve as a balm, that will protect old wounds so they can finally grow a scab, so they can finally heal.

Reaching towards art, beauty, creativity and music, towards cultivating self worth, and perhaps even cultivating an actual garden, while letting go of old things and decluttering your mind, body and living space, will make the most of both sides of this energy.

Natal North Node in Taurus 

When your natal North Node is in Taurus it means you are here in this lifetime to transcend drama and power struggles, to transform the pain of the past into black gold, into compost, that will grow vines of peace and flowers of harmony. It is work that requires carefully plodding forward, that needs to be watered from the sweat of our brow, and lit from our hopeful soul so the sweet scent of these heavenly blooms can perfume our life with joy.

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