Tuesday, August 4, 2020

10 Tips to Use Mercury Retrograde to Your Advantage

A mercury retrograde transit often gets blamed for things like computer crashes, miscommunications, showing up late and missed appointments. Once during a retrograde, I had to make 15 phone calls to change one thing on my insurance. I used to dread Mercury Retrograde!

But Mercury is a fleet-footed planet that goes retrograde three times a year, usually for about three weeks each time. That's a lot of time to spend trying to hide under a rock.

What if instead of being afraid, there was something we could do about it? Could we balance or even take advantage of this energy?

As it turns out, yes! (Thank goodness.)

Vedic astrologers typically offer remedies and rituals that can balance an afflicted planet or enhance the power of a positive planet. They also offer their clients suggestions for weathering through upcoming transits, including Mercury Retrograde.

Whether its a natal mercury retrograde or a transit that's tripping you up, there is merit to this concept of fine-tuning planetary energy. I do this all the time in my day-to-day life and have found good results regularly. The idea is two-fold. First, you want to avoid certain activities that might aggravate the Mercury Retrograde energy. Second, you want to use the energy for something positive before it has a chance to cause random (and possibly negative) effects in your life.

Modern RX for Mercury Retrograde Natal or Transit

1. Abstain from drinking alcohol. This one is recommended for most planet problems, actually. Alcohol tends to brings out the malefic or shadow side of the planets, even a neutral one like Mercury, so avoid it during any iffy transits or if you are trying to improve a hard aspect in your natal chart.

2. Drink lots of water during a Mercury Retrograde or all the time if you have Mercury Retrograde in your natal chart. Memory and other cognitive functions are diminished when we are dehydrated, making us more likely to miscommunicate, make mistakes, or forget something.

3. Red meat, like alcohol, is another common planetary agitator, so skip the steak for now. 

4. Take a bath with epsom salts, essential oils, or brew a bath tea for a relaxing soak to help calm your mind.

5. The hands and arms are under Mercury's domain. Do daily hand and wrist stretches and don't skip arm day at the gym.

6. Mercury rules communication, so during a retrograde you might like to refresh yourself on a language you already know but don't use often. High school French, anyone? 

7. Mercury also rules words and writing, so you could do a crossword puzzle every day to keep your mind sharp. 

8. Journaling is another great way to channel this energy. You could take some time to journal about your past and reflect on how far you've come. Since Mercury also rules business, you could take your journaling up a notch by keeping a business journal.

9. Mercury also rules the local community, education and siblings. You could donate to local education or become a Big Brother/Big Sister. Speaking of brothers and sisters, you could also call or text yours, if you have one. If not, get in contact with cousins, teammates, classmates, or any mates really. 

10. Of course, backing up your devices is always a great idea during a retrograde season.

I hope this inspires you to take advantage of Mercury Retrograde and use the energy to create positive effects in your life. Mercury Retrograde doesn't have to be scary or stressful, you just have to be prepared and intentional. Treat this list like Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Astrology. Pick a few things and make a fun ritual out of them. Maybe you do wrist stretches every night, avoid steak and wine dinners and take on arm workout challenge with your sister. Whatever you decide, don't be afraid to do something with this energy whenever it comes around. 

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